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    3. 【外服誠聘|0106】?Service Engineer

      Service Engineer

        Company and Background:
        We produce specialist machinery for metal forming and joining for the aerospace industry. The products are sold around the world to many of the major players in the field. Each machine is produced to specified customer requirements. The product lines include cold and hot forming presses and linear friction welding machines. All the machines incorporate mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and numeric control.
        A need has been identified for a service engineer to cover the needs of our Chinese clients. This is a new position and the selected candidate will be required to participate in the development of this position. Essentially based in China there maybe occasional requirements to work on customer sites elsewhere. There will also be trips to the offices in France and the US.

        Ensure customer satisfaction with ACB and Cyril Bath machines;
        Keep machines running in as-designed condition;
        Ensure ACB and CB receive all details about how their machines operate and evolve in the customer’s environment.

        Perform specfed service activities on ACB&CB machines at Customer sites around China;the work to be performed will be initially defined by ACB/CB but will evolve as a function of client needs. The selected candidate will help define this evolution;
        Liaise with Customers and ACB/CB to define and develop the service requirements for the different machines;
        Liaise with Customers in order to manage and schedule service work on the machines, including that work done by Customers;
        Participate in the commissioning of new and refurbished machines so as to become familiar with their design and function.Ultimately, the selected candidate will be expected to commission a machine autonomously, once he has acquired the requisite skills and knowledge;
        Undertake troubleshooting in the event of amachine breakdown on a customer site. This shall be done in collaboration with specialists in France and the US;
        Assist Customers with the management of spare parts:client stock, local stock, ACB/CB stock and procurement;
        Liaise with the teams in ACB &CB at all levels to propose and develop solutions to Customer needs Undertake Customer training in the operation and maintenance of ACB/CB machines;
        Submit reports and other paperwork to Customers and ACB/CB in a timely manner.

        A Bachelor degree level or equivalent in Electro-mechanical engineering or similar.

        5 years experience working on or around electro-mechanical machinery, preferably in maintenance. Experience with hydraulic systems would bean advantage.

        Mother tongue Chinese;
        Good English, written and spoken.CET-4 or above. Be able to write English emails and reports fluently, ability of English in listening and speaking.

        Field experience preferred, but open to fieldwork mandatory;
        Thorough working knowledge of industrial maintenance techniques;
        Thorough knowledge of mechanics,electric, electronic, and hydraulics;
        Proficiency in reading hydraulic schematics, mechanical engineering drawings and Electrical drawing;
        Experience in troubleshooting;
        Ability to analyze problems and find solutions;
        Comfortableworking with office IT applications, knowledge of CAD would bean advantage;
        System Controls Experience.PLC familiarity,CNC,networking and remote Support;
        Be willing&competent of traveling frequently(up to 60%work time all year round). Maintain full mobility and capable of lifting weight of 35kgs.

        Personal qualities:
        A high degree of autonomy is essential. The candidate must be able to operate with little supervision and in a high pressure environment to solve customer problems.However, this autonomy is excersise within the constraints of a team, albeit a team stretched around the world;
        A sense of service;
        Reactive and flexible; a speedresponse to Customers is essential;
        Good communication skills; the selected candidate will need to communicate in wring and orallywith the customer and with colleagues around the world, more specifically in France and the US. Communication outside China shall be in English.
        Creative and able to accept criticism; the selected candidate will be required to propose and develop,

        ACB&CB will provide specific training on their machines and any other areas where the need is identified.

        Contact Us:






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